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iSolo Acoustic Guitar Microphone Review
by Audiofanzine on 2016-08-10

If you are in the audio world you have surely noticed how crowdfunding campaigns have multiplied in recent years.

A review of the Universal Audio Fender '55 Tweed Deluxe plug-in
by Audiofanzine on 2016-06-16

Universal Audio has released plug-ins for quite a few guitar amps in the last couple of years, but its new Fender ?55 Tweed Deluxe is its first foray into the Fender amp world, and it?s a doozy.

A review of the Auratone 5C Super Sound Cube
by Audiofanzine on 2016-06-13

You just got your main monitor speakers and are already looking for a second pair? Boy are you a compulsive buyer!

Review of the Lauten Audio LA-320 tube-condenser microphone
by Audiofanzine on 2016-06-09

The LA-320 is the first mic in Lauten Audio?s new "Series Black" line.

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Fender Nashville Telecaster
by terrygh1949 on 2016-07-24

Very universal instrument. Great workmanship,Sounds excellent,Very different setup from a regular Telecaster but, usable tones and, plays nicely. Even thought this Telecaster is made in Mexico is...

Fender Deluxe 112
by Telecastoff on 2016-06-14

I play clean, traditional Country ( Haggard and Cash, etc.) I play Fender Telecasters exclusively. I liked everything about the amp except for the stock speaker.

Apex 435
by MichaelDarolfi on 2016-06-07

Ive used this mic on many things including vocals. It works perfectly for anything in my opinion. It all depends on the sound you are going for in the end and if it sound good, why does it matter w...

Yamaha MB-II Motion Bass
by toekneesee on 2016-06-01

I fell in love with these when they first came out in 1985 when I was 16 yrs. old. I was able to finally obtain one about '91 and I've had it ever since (they came in 4 colors; wine red, white, bl...

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