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Sonar 2015 Platinum Review
by Audiofanzine on 2015-08-18

It's been more than a year and a half since Sonar X3 came out and, keeping up with the usual update schedule, the newest version was launched last January...

A review of Positive Grid Bias FX Professional modeling plug-in
by Audiofanzine on 2015-08-13

The competition in the amp-and-effects modeling market is fierce, and there is no shortage of excellent products.

A review of the UAD AKG BX 20 spring reverb plug-in
by Audiofanzine on 2015-08-05

When you think of spring reverb, the sound that probably comes to mind is the ?boingy? one associated with guitar amps.

A review of East West ProDrummer
by Audiofanzine on 2015-07-23

The drum instrument market is a crowded one, and already full of excellent choices.

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Fender Super Sonic 22
by iamqman on 2011-06-24

This is a gorgeous looking amp. The tone alone is enough to get excited about but the coolest looking tolex cover I have seen on any of these amps.

Gibson Marauder
by El Chileno on 2015-08-13

The Marauder was a mid 70's attempt by Gibson to compete with the cheap Japanese copies which were flooding the west at that time.

Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus
by Edgar Solorzano on 2015-08-13

Hello everyone, ive been using this pedal for a year now, and i can tell you it produces a very beautiful sound, i just uploaded a video on youtube using it, come check it out and let me know wh...

Epiphone Standard 100 Les Paul
by S2D on 2014-09-09

The Epiphone Les Paul i bought from Guitar Guitar back in 2011 was made in Epiphone land - also known as China.

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