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A review of the new plug-ins in Universal Audio UAD 8.1.1 software
by Audiofanzine on 2015-05-14

Universal Audio just released a new version of its software for Apollo and other UAD-2 devices.

A review of SONiVOX Tony Coleman Drums
by Audiofanzine on 2015-04-30

SONiVOX's Tony Coleman Drums (Mac/Win), is a virtual drum plug-in featuring sampled kit sounds from Coleman, who?s played with a who?s who of blues and R&B artists including B.B.

Review of Synchro Arts Revoice Pro 3
by Audiofanzine on 2015-04-22

The folks at Synchro Arts, renowned for their VocAlign software, recently came out with Revoice Pro 3, the latest version of their application that incorporates vocal alignment, pitch correction, doubling and more.

Review of the Waves Butch Vig Vocals plug-in
by Audiofanzine on 2015-04-09

In the tradition of its Jack Joseph Puig, Chris Lord Alge, Eddie Kramer, and Manny Marroquin signature plug-ins, Waves has released Butch Vig Vocals (Mac/PC), a processor plug-in designed to let you easily dial in great Butch-Vig-style vocal sounds.

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Boss OS-2
by Mythrandir1 on 2015-05-20

Before I decided on buying Boss? OS2 I spent a great deal of time researching and trying to find a good overdrive pedal that would suit my needs.

Peavey Special 130 Combo
by Telecastoff on 2015-05-19

This was the first SS amp I ever owned and I was immediately very impressed by its huge, warm sound, not to mention the powerful, clean headroom this amp offers.

M-AUDIO Axiom 49 Key MIDI
by beatsbyclos on 2015-05-18

M-Audio?s Axiom 49 MIDI keyboard controller is a great board! In my opinion, it?s probably one of the best out there.

TC Electronic Corona Chorus
by jefferyfreelance on 2015-05-12

I don?t really like chorus pedals especially with distorted guitar. I can tolerate it on a clean sound, but there are much better effects to add to a signal than chorus.

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