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Sonokinetic Capriccio review
by Audiofanzine on 2015-03-24

The supply of virtual orchestras has become more and more abundant. There's a seemingly never-ending rise in the number of samples, instruments and content available, in general.

Review of the Slate Digital Virtual Mix Rack
by Audiofanzine on 2015-03-16

The release of a channel strip plug-in doesn?t typically generate a lot of excitement, but it sure has in the case of Slate Digital?s Virtual Mix Rack (VMR).

Review of the Universal Audio Sound Machine Wood Works plug-in
by Audiofanzine on 2015-03-12

When Universal Audio announced Sound Machine Wood Works at NAMM this year, I was intrigued by what was promised: A plug-in that can change a DI recorded acoustic so that it sounds like it was miked.

Eiosis AirEQ Premium Review
by Audiofanzine on 2015-03-02

Eight years after the original, Eiosis presents a "Premium" edition of the AirEQ plug-in...

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Yamaha RBX 170
by King Loudness on 2011-12-31

The Yamaha RBX170 is one of the lower tier basses in their line, but it's still a force to be reckoned with if you're looking for a cheap yet easy to play and great sounding instrument.

Roland Micro Cube
by iamqman on 2011-06-02

This little lunch box amp has packed quite a punch. These lunch box amps have been making a huge impact on the amp market as of the last ten years.

Roland Micro Cube
by iamqman on 2011-04-27

This is the exact Roland Micro Cube standard but just on a red tolex casing. It retains all of the same features and operations as the original version.

Focusrite Scarlett 18i20
by Nonstopbeats on 2015-03-12

The Scarlett-18i20 is an audio device that has a selection of inputs and outputs that can be effectively used to record a band.

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