VOX Expands DA Series of Portable Amplifiers

(Vox | Posted 2007-04-08)

VOX Expands DA Series of Portable Amplifiers

VOX Amplification introduces two new models in its DA Series of portable Digital Amplifiers. Based on the popular DA5 amp, the new DA10 and DA20 feature realistic amp styles, built-in high-quality effects and the convenience and flexibility of AC and battery power options.

Product details:

The 10-Watt DA10 and 20-Watt DA20 can also run at 5 Watts on battery power (4 x C batteries), for further portability. A unique power select switch lets the user adjust the power amplifier output by selecting one of three values: MAX, 1.5 Watts or 0.5 Watt. This helps to extend battery life, and also allows the player to turn the master volume all the way up to drive the power amp for maximum tone and feel while keeping the output volume level reasonable.

Both amps feature 11 guitar amplifier tones ranging from pristine clean, to outrageous overdrive, to chunking rhythm -- all can be dialed up instantly. Eleven single and combination effects include auto wah, compressor, delay, reverb, flanger, phaser, chorus, tremolo and rotary plus noise reduction. All effect parameters can be adjusted.

In addition to a MIC IN with its own level control, an AUX IN enables connection to an external audio device such as a mixer, CD or MP3 player. The inputs may be used simultaneously, enabling the DA5 to serve as a complete rehearsal amplification solution.

A headphone/line output can be used for private or late-night practicing, or for direct connection to a mixer or recorder. The output also adds cabinet tonality and character for a sense of "air" and depth.

The DA10 and DA20 are each equipped with two VOX original design speakers. The DA10 is loaded with 2 x 6.5" speakers, while the DA20 offers 2 x 8" speakers. Both amps feature black vinyl with black chrome grilles.

The affordable VOX DA10 and DA20 will be available in June 2007 with pricing to be announced shortly.

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