Around the World in Seven Months? Dave Wood Says It's Easier with Eventide

(Eventide | Posted 2007-04-18)

Around the World in Seven Months?  Dave Wood Says It's Easier with Eventide

Starting next month, Dave Wood leaves the confines of home to see the world, playing guitar with Hilary Duff's band in support of the singer's new album. For this touring vet who has played with other acts such as, Taylor Hicks, Norah Jones and Big Dume, this tour has a few new twists. First, he and the rest of the band received the brand-new, never before heard, album with just a few shorts weeks to learn it before setting out on the road. While this may have proved daunting in the past, Dave is also setting out this time with his new Eventide Eclipse™ that he says is making life a little easier.

"Rehearsals just recently started for us and we're getting a chance to hear and dissect the new album for the first time," said Wood. "It's a great album that has a lot of depth to it that comes from using a wide range of different instruments and sounds. So, for this tour, I've expanded my touring rig a bit to account for some new components that I'll be using to get the best sound possible, including the Eventide Eclipse. It just gives me certain patches that I can't get with standard pedals."

Wood continued, "When you have a lot of different effects to play with a lot of fast changes, it can mean a lot of tap dancing on your pedals. What's nice about the Eclipse is that, in conjunction with my Axess Electronics FX-1, I need to hold down one pedal to switch on a particular patch and then just let go to return to the effect that I was just using. And with this one box, I can recall a very full sound spectrum, not just the same old distortion tricks.

"I've only had the Eclipse for a short time now, but already it's apparent there are a lot of effects that I'll be using it for. For instance, there is pitch shifting and some of the higher-up octave effects. There are just a lot of effects here that I can use that people might not recognize as being guitar effects that are going to come in handy for some of these new songs."

In his spare time - when he has any - Dave also helps his friend Kevin Teasley with TV and film scoring. "The Eclipse is such a versatile component, I can see myself bringing this in the studio with me when the tour is over and incorporating it in some of the scoring we're doing also."

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