(Squier | Posted 2007-06-12)

Squier is totally psyched to introduce three brand-spankin’-new instruments so utterly blazing that you should probably wear sunglasses when looking directly at them: the Deluxe Hot Rails Strat® and Vintage Modified Telecaster® Thinline guitars, and the Vintage Modified Precision Bass® TB guitar.

Versatile and high-performance, the Deluxe Hot Rails Strat® has traditional Fender® vibe to spare, but under the hood you’ll find modern hot-rod mods topped by three fearsome Duncan Designed™ HR-101 pickups (a single-coil-size version of high-output Seymour Duncan Hot Rails humbucking pickups) for full sound and near-eternal sustain.

The semi-hollowbody Vintage Modified Telecaster Thinline positively chimes with buttery jangle-pop goodness, hot-rodded for your listening pleasure with twin Duncan Designed™ Telecaster pickups. The classic ’69-era vibe comes courtesy of its distinctive f-hole design, knurled chrome knobs and vintage 6-saddle bridge.

Ah, and the Vintage Modified Precision Bass TB pumps out oceans of ’70s-era Telecaster Bass cool and seismic low end thanks to that big ol’ Fender-designed humbucking pickup right there at the neck. To say nothing of its classic string-through, dual brass-saddle bridge and gorgeous sunburst-over-ash-veneer finish.

All three of these hot-rodded beauties deliver Squier vibe and value and then some, so be sure to check ’em out! …

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