Soundcraft and Digigram partner up to add EtherSound interconnectivity to Soundcraft Vi Series™

(Digigram | Posted 2007-09-09)

Soundcraft and Digigram partner up to add EtherSound interconnectivity to Soundcraft Vi Series™

Following the development of the Studer EtherSound interface card, Soundcraft and Digigram have announced a similar interface card for the Soundcraft Vi4™ and Soundcraft Vi6™ Digital Live Sound consoles. Designed with versions to fit into either the Vi Series’ Local Rack or Stagebox, the card will allow up to 128 channels of audio (64 inputs/64 outputs) to be connected to the rack via a single Cat5 connection.

A second Cat5 connection allows daisy chain or redundant ring topologies, the latter allowing for the network to remain uninterrupted should a cable be broken. One of the advantages of EtherSound in the Live Sound domain is its extremely low latency.

Inputs and outputs can be patched internally within the console on the console’s own routing screens.

Digigram’s own control software can be used to route signals between different EtherSound enabled devices over a standard Ethernet network.

The card is available exclusively through Digigram’s Distribution network.

Further information from Soundcraft at and Digigram at

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