(Behringer | Posted 2007-09-18)

MEET Milano, Milan, 21 September 2007 – Both vintage and high-tech guitar technologies will be centerstage on the BEHRINGER booth at the MEET Milano exhibition (Hall 14, Booth E11) from 21 to 24 September. Matteo Bergamini, BEHRINGER’s Account Manager for northern Italy, explains: “As a passionate guitarist and bass player, I’m particularly excited about the range of guitar products we’re showing.”

“For classic rockers we present to the Italian public for the first time BUGERA’s all-valve amplification series. This premium line of four amp heads with matching combos delivers 120 watts through hand-selected valves in both its amps and preamps. Plus the 12” combos come with high-end dual reverbs, traditional effects and a road worthy foot pedal switch” continues Matteo.

“If you’re a bassist who craves power, then the ULTRABASS BVT25000H bass head is your state-of-the-art answer. With its mighty 2,500 watts in bridged operation, THE NUKE is one of the most powerful bass tools in the world, combining a variety of professional sound options with the reliability of our EUROPOWER amplification series in its core. We’ve been committed to bass professionals since the very beginning of our history and that is why we sponsor the prize for the best Italian bass staged by the magazine InSound which will be awarded for the first time on 17 September 2007.

“How do you play guitar in these days of web-based music? The Guitar-to-Computer range is BEHRINGER’s answer to those guitarists keen not to accept any limitations to their inspiration. Our iAXE USB-guitars and the UCG102 Guitar Link plug connect directly to a PC or MAC computer via low-latency USB module. Native Instrument’s Guitar Combos BEHRINGER Edition software lets guitarists jam with models of amps that made rock history and tweak their tone with an array of effects. They can then digitally record their creations and share them online with their worldwide audience. It’s that simple, and yet quite futuristic!“ reckons Matteo.

“Come MEET us in Milan at the new Rho Exhibition Center in Hall 14 at Booth E11 and get introduced to the rest of our product range. Experience the BEHRINGER guitar sounds of yesterday and tomorrow presented by Roberto Spalla during the weekend on stage No. L41 by www.ziomusic.it” concludes Matteo.

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