Roland Releases New Audio Phrase Bank Download For MV-8800 Users

(Roland | Posted 2007-09-20)

Roland Releases New Audio Phrase Bank Download For MV-8800 Users

Demonstrating its commitment to worldwide customer support, Roland Corporation U.S. is now offering a new free download for MV-8800 users. Recorded with the highest quality mics, preamps, and converters, this new audio phrase bank of percussion loops and phrases gives MV customers yet another source of inspiration. The new phrase bank joins the current MV-8800 bass patch collection also available for download at

Roland Product Manager Vince LaDuca relates, "The sound quality in this new phrase bank is second to none. We created these sounds with the same attention to detail that went into developing our ultra-high quality MV Percussion and MV Bells drum kits that come pre-installed on the hard drive of the MV-8800."

The samples in Roland's new audio phrase bank come pre-looped and have the BPM calculated – so when MV-8800's BPM Sync is engaged, its realtime time stretching function will automatically make the loops synchronize with the current song's tempo. This makes working with loops in the MV-8800 much easier than any other manufacturer’s hardware beat machine or production studio on the market.

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