Rain Recording Announces LiveBook Diablo Intel Core 2 Extreme Audio Notebook

(Rain Recording | Posted 2007-09-28)

Rain Recording Announces LiveBook Diablo Intel Core 2 Extreme Audio Notebook

With the introduction of the new LiveBook Diablo, Rain Recording once again changes the landscape of the mobile audio production space, raising the bar to the benefit of enthusiasts and professionals alike. Configured with the optional 2.93Ghz Core 2 Extreme desktop processor from Intel, 3 Gigabytes of RAM and a 200 Gigabyte, 16mb buffer hard drive, Diablo blurs the line between desktop and mobile platforms. Finally a real, usable and portable desktop replacement for audio production is here.

"As always, it's about empowering the user – providing them with the tools for unrestrained creation", says Bill Paschick, Rain Recording President. "Gone are the days of limiting production to a few favorite plug-ins, virtual instruments and synths just because you're on the road. LiveBook Diablo changes the rules of mobile audio processing so the user never has to compromise or worse, put off ‘real work' until they get back to the studio."

LiveBook Diablo packs more than a few features to satisfy even those not inclined to record the London Philharmonic or edit the soundtrack to Spider Man 3. Among them, the built-in biometric fingerprint scanner; 2 Megapixel webcam with face tracking technology; FireWire, USB 2.0 and an eSATA port to connect Rain's new external StormDrive for a first ever 3000Mbit transfer rate; and every manner of connection from Bluetooth to WIFI.

Paschick maintains that this is just the tip of the iceberg for the next generation of mobile audio production and desktop replacement technology to emerge from Rain headquarters in Ringwood, New Jersey.

"In the coming months you can count on us to design, test and bring to market the very best tools of the trade", promises Rain's leading visionary. "Not just the fastest and the flashiest, but systems that are meticulously designed to prevent technical problems and let creative people do what they do best: create."

LiveBook Diablo D1: Price $2,999.95 (As low as $92 dollars per month)

More information at: http://www.rainrecording.com/livebook-diablo

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Located in Ringwood, New Jersey, Rain Recording builds PC systems and peripherals optimized for high-performance audio applications, including recording, mixing, mastering, and DJ production and performance. With a passionate, "no-compromise" attitude, Rain's experts in audio and computer technology work closely with leading software and hardware manufacturers, and rigorously field-test Rain systems in their quest to provide the best experience possible for those using digital audio on the PC platform.

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