(Zildjian | Posted 2007-11-25)

Every Guitar HeroŽ gamer needs a drummer to lay down a solid beat, which is why Zildjian is once again teaming with Activision to be a part of the new Guitar HeroŽ III: Legends of Rock release. The Guitar HeroŽ game has sold over 4.5 million copies since its initial release and is one of the hottest video games ever.

Once again, in the new Guitar HeroŽ III: Legends of Rock, the bass player will be shredding his axe wearing the classic black tee with the Zildjian logo, visible to all who play the game at all skill levels. Of course, the drummer is using Zildjian pies to make it rock!

This third version has all kinds of killer new options such as new multi-player action-inspired battle mode, new songs and is available on multiple platforms. Zildjian is once again proud to be the exclusive cymbal partner with Guitar HeroŽ III: Legends of Rock!

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