(Press Release | Posted 2008-03-09)

When it comes to live sound production and integrated Pro Tools® recording, nothing beats the flexibility and simplicity of Digidesign® VENUE live sound systems. With the new Mix Rack HD 64 system bundle, Digidesign offers one powerful system solution to handle both duties — along with powerful plug-ins and customized output options for your (or your client’s) specific needs — at outstanding savings.

Mix Rack HD 64 is an all-in-one system solution that bundles a VENUE D-Show Profile™ Mix Rack system together with a Pro Tools|HD® 2 Accel system for live sound mixing, Virtual Soundcheck, and multitrack recording. It offers the full complement of DSP Mix engines for optimal processing power, and comes with two powerful bundles of the industry’s most coveted plug-ins to satisfy the most creative and demanding applications. What’s more, you can customize your system with an additional optional* analog, digital, or A-Net® output card to suit your specific system interface needs.

* The Mix Rack component of the Mix Rack HD 64 bundle comes standard with 16 analog outputs, and can be expanded to 32 outputs via an optional output card, available for an additional charge.


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