Signature Reflector Heavy Full Crashes

(Press Release | Posted 2008-06-01)

Signature Reflector Heavy Full Crashes

These new models were developed in co-operation with artists Nicko McBrain (IRON MAIDEN), Hena Habegger (GOTTHARD) and other influential rock drummers in the rock/metal scene. The Signature Series always consisted of the four crash models; Fast, Mellow, Full and Power. Between the Full and the Power weights we have found a gap to fill, in sound and function.

Where many drummers have been torn between the two and like the depth of the Full and the cut of the Power, we tried to combine those elements and low and behold: the Heavy Full Crash was born!

The Heavy Full Crash has the flexibility of a thinner model crash and the sturdiness of a heavy crash, hence the name. As a bonus, this model comes in the stunning "Reflector" finish. Great appearance on a rock stage!

Soundwise they are also located somewhere between the two; Signature Full and Power Crash, but with some additional sparkle and significantly larger amplitude. The playing feel is very comfortable and they immediately open with a dark shimmer and sparkling high presence without bleeding ears. They really sound and feel great!

With sizes offered, we didn't want to hold back. As we know from today's trends, the crash program has to be wide and offer something for every player, for clubs and large stadiums likewise. They are the perfect Hard Rock and traditional Heavy Metal crashes and come in sizes 16", 17", 18", 19", 20" and 22" and are entirely made in Switzerland by hand from our patented Signature Bronze.

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