(Press Release | Posted 2008-06-04)

Line 6 ToneCore stompboxes provide a variety of sought-after effects in a solid, groundbreaking design. For a limited time, Line 6 is offering one free effects module with the purchase of any ToneCore stompbox. From the rich reverbs of Verbzilla® to the insane gain of Über Metal®, ToneCore stompboxes are available in 11 different flavors. Each one is based on the sounds of famous vintage pedals or the sounds of infamous Line 6 products including POD® xt, DL4™ and Vetta™. Echo Park™, for example, features a variety of delay textures and patterns. Space Chorus® is based on famous analog chorus tones, Crunchtone™ boasts warm, full-bodied overdrive tones, and the list goes on.

Utilizing an intuitive dock-and-module design, ToneCore stompboxes afford guitarists the opportunity to collect a tremendous amount of tones without breaking the bank. Each tone is available as a complete stompbox or as a separate effects module that can be used with any ToneCore dock.

The rugged, road-worthy docks, available in mono or true stereo, feature die-cast construction to withstand constant stomping and abuse.

Each ToneCore stompbox dramatically expands any tone arsenal with a variety of award-winning sounds. Now, with a free module, the tonal opportunities are virtually endless!


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