AudioWarrior Announces Studio Drums Plugin

(Press Release | Posted 2008-06-08)

AudioWarrior Announces Studio Drums Plugin

The Studio Drums Plugin is a collection of 24-bit stereo precision tuned and expertly programmed drums and percussion in a plugin that works in everything including a standalone version that requires no host sequencer. Expensive hardwood acoustic kits, cheap trashy low-fi street kits, electronic kits, and world percussion sounds from Nepal, Africa, India, and Ireland in an affordable 32-bit studio quality state of the art plugin with built in effects, stereo to 5.1 surround output, and 256 voice polyphony.


8 MIDI LEARN FX KNOBS that can be instantly mapped to any keyboard's programmable knobs or faders.

Import/export banks and programs.

Linear or Circular knob controls preferences.

Output to your choice of up to 4 mono, 4 stereo, or 5.1.

Multi FX

Layer up to 16 TRON sounds simultaneously

Control up to 16 MIDI channels

Individual Volumes and Pans per channel

Expandable for additional instruments and sounds

32 bit

256 voice polyphony

VST Y AU Y ReWire Y Standalone (Works in Pro Tools as a ReWire Plugin)

Requires Steinberg Key


The FXP's {Effects Prestes} may also be used with full version of HALion.

Instant Download 24/7 $49

Customers will be emailed a secure link and can be up and running within minutes. Download includes a bonus Drawbar organ.

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