Dave Matthews Signature Taylor

(MattG | Posted 2010-02-01)

Dave Matthews Signature Taylor

Taylor has announced that it will making a signature guitar for Dave Matthews for 2010. Dave is perhaps Taylor’s most famous player of their guitars; though Taylor Swift is giving him a run for his money. Dave’s guitar of choice is the 914ce which next to the presentation series is Taylor’s highest end line. The signature isn’t really much of a signature, but more a tribute to the guitar and its most famous player. It looks as though the only difference between a regular 914 and the DM914 will be inlay… and I’m sure the price tag.

The inlay on the DM914 has the word “Grux” at the end of the fingerboard. Grux was the nickname of LeRoi Moore, the band’s saxophone player who passed away in 2008. It looks as though there will be a few other separate inlay differences as well. The back and sides will still be premium grade East Indian Rosewood and the top will be Sitka spruce. At least this signature will be almost identical to what Dave plays for the hardcore fans. The Taylor Swift signature is not anywhere close to the guitar that she plays.

Taylor hasn’t released many details including what the guitar will cost. It will probably have a retail price of well over $5,000.

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