Barcus-Berry unveils Metallic Green Burst Vibrato Acoustic-Electric Violin

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-03-19)

Barcus-Berry unveils Metallic Green Burst Vibrato Acoustic-Electric Violin

Why should guitarists be the only ones to play loud, have all the fun and have cool-looking axes? Barcus-Berry, a manufacturer of transducer/preamp systems and acoustic-electric violins, has helped violinists close the "boutique gap" on their guitar-playing brethren with the introduction of the newest addition to the Vibrato Violins, the Metallic Green Burst Vibrato Acoustic-Electric Violin).

The Metallic Green Burst Vibrato Acoustic-Electric Violin is a traditional-style violin with an untraditional finish. All Barcus-Berry Vibrato Violins have a hand-rubbed lacquer finish and are crafted in Romania and installed with authentic Barcus-Berry electronics. The addition of the Green Burst brings the number of violins in this line to four, including these eye-catching colors that are complimented by a color-matching bow, including Natural Finish (V), Barcus-Berry Blue (B), and Red-Berry Burst (R).

Hand-crafted in Romania. Authentic Barcus-Berry electronics. Fully-carved and graduated of select seasoned Carpathian Maple and Spruce. Set-up to MENC standards. Includes Ebony fittings, Super Sensitive Red Label strings, four Wittner tuners and a hand-rubbed lacquer finish. Complete outfit, including color-matching Glasser bow, full cake dark rosin and color-coordinated Barcus-Berry embroidered soft-shape case with detachable shoulder strap.

Features & Benefits:
• Superb acoustic performance as well as unequaled acoustic-electric capability.
• Built-in bridge piezo pickup produces excellent sound quality.
• Hand crafted with fully carved and graduated select woods; Romanian made.
• Available in 2 traditional finishes and the eye-catching Barcus-Berry Blue for more stand-out performances.
• Vibrato-AE violins are preferred by pro violinists such as Amir Ali, Brendon Anthony (The Pat Green Band), Brian Batch, Dan Hochhalter, Daniel Willem, Downs Thompson (Clay Walker Band), Gary Oleyar, Jason Perri, John Jeansonne (Rascal Flatts), Lisa Haley, Natalie Murphy, and Tom Morley.

Barcus-Berry products are exclusively distributed by Musicorp and include pickups and preamps for pianos, violins and guitars in addition to the Vibrato-AE™ Series Acoustic-Electric Violins.

MSRP: $799 USD

From Barcus-Berry press release. For more information visit the Barcus-Berry website:

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