Alfred releases Ultimate Drum Play-Along: Led Zeppelin Vol. 1 & 2

(mtebaldi | Posted 2010-12-23)

Alfred releases Ultimate Drum Play-Along: Led Zeppelin Vol. 1 & 2

Can any drummer (or drum lover) ever have enough Bonzo? I will go ahead and speak for everyone by answering with a big “NEVER”. The insatiable appetite for John Bonham’s remarkable musicality has resulted in a music world teaming with dozens of titles and songbooks all opening doors into the mind of this worshipped drummer master. His greatnesses can be easily measured by the musical richness of his legendary grooves. So if you are another young fledgling with dreams of mastering the great Bonham’s techniques, Alfred Music Publishing’s new release can definitely help you with that.

The Ultimate Drum Play-Along: Led Zeppelin Vol. 1 & 2 is designed to quickly and easily teach the beats of some classic Led Zeppelin songs, coming with authentic transcriptions that are accompanied by sound-alike versions of these hit-songs. The CDs contains two different versions of each song, one being an instrumental sound-alike track of the original while the other is the track minus the drums, so you can play-along as lead drummer on all the Zeppelin classics included. But, what really differentiates this transcription book from all others is that the CDs contain the TNT (Tone ‘N’ Tempo) Changer that can be used on your computer. The TNT allows you to loop sections, and slow down or speed up tracks without changing the pitch. It also makes it quick to switch between full instrumental and accompaniment versions. It even lets you change the key of the song. TNT will surely help you blast Zeppelin’ beats much quicker.

Volume 1 of Ultimate Drum Play-Along: Led Zeppelin contains the following titles: Black Dog * Communication Breakdown * Dazed and Confused * Heartbreaker * Immigrant Song * Rock and Roll * Since I've Been Loving You * Whole Lotta Love. Volume 2 contains the following titles: Stairway to Heaven * The Song Remains the Same * Over the Hills and Far Away * Trampled Under Foot * Kashmir * Achilles Last Stand * Nobody's Fault But Mine * All My Love.

Ultimate Drum Play-Along: Led Zeppelin songbooks are now available in book & 2 CD format at or at your local music store for $19.99 each.

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