AHEAD 5a Drumsticks Reviews 4

I am quite a fast drummer so i was really impressed with the lightness and the feel of the sticks also there wasnt much in the way of wear and tear also i decided to buy some gloves so that i wouldnt get blisters and for me it seemed that the sticks were a extension of my arms.

after a while of jamming my hands started to sweat and because i wasn't wearing gloves when i was doing my speed playing the sticks became wet and kept on slipping out of my hands while i was playing.

there are three parts to ahead sticks the tips the plastic outer shell and the grip end which has a spacer ring betweenthe outer shell and the metal.

i personally think that ahead sticks would be a welcome addition to any drummers stick bag. but first get some grip tape to stop the sticks slipping.

Phil Nash rated this unit 4 on 2004-09-13.

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