AHEAD Joey Jordison Sig' Drum Sticks Reviews 5

I bought these sticks off the internet from a web site i found in a mag.I bought these drum sticks simply because 2 of my favourite drummers use ahead sitcks, Joey and Lars Ulrich from metallica. I Just thought to my self....I have to have some! I chose the Joey Sig' sticks over the Lars ones because Joey is realy my main influence to play drums. They cost me about 45, which does seem expencive for sticks but you have to "pay for quality!"

These sticks play like feathers! they are fantastic!. The fact that the main shaft of the stick in Aluminium it means that they are extreamly tough and I dont belive that anyone can break these sticks while playing! The covers and tips can be replaced which means that these sticks could & should be the last pair of sticks you ever buy. The balance of the stick is unbelivable they sit proudly and weightlessly on the finger. If you practice wich a heavier stick and then play with the ahead stick you will find that your and speed is much faster and it just feels more confortable! They can be used in a variety of styles of music, i use them for everything..Marching rhythms, grunge, jazz/swing and black/death metal.They perform just as good what ever you play. I have never experienced any hand fatigue or felt any heavy vibration when playing with these sticks. Theres only one coment for these sticks and that is "They are the best!"

Personaly I honestly have none. However some people may be a bit scared of the price of the sticks being high, but like i said you have to pay more of the QUALITY of the stick.

The main shaft of the stick is made of aluminim which supplys fantastic durability and strength, as well as a long life span. The tip and covers are made of a high density and tough plastic, both can be replaced when needed, which is after a very sevear battering. There is a superior weight and balance about the stick which i have never felt with any other stick. Simply V.high quality.

I think the review says everything i think about the stick, they are a very well made stick with a long life span and a supperior playing feel to any other stick. They are simply the best sticks i have ever come accross! Rating from 1 - 5?? They Are 5+.

Blaine rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-22.

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