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I love that they are Black with white tips at each end. The 16 1/4" length is fantastic and the 0.959" diameter on the handle gives a 7A feel. Another thing I like is the Lars signature and the MetallicA written on them. The sticks are made with an anti-vibration system. Because the stick is in 3 seperate parts (not officially, but it is - Handle, Stick, Tip) the rings (between main stick and handle) absorb all the vibration from the battering so you can play faster, easier and better. I also like that they never break, because they are metal, you just replace the sleeves (plastic to avoid harming cymbals.)

One thing that bothered me about a month into playing fast and hard with them (not sexually, before you laugh wittedly) was that the grip of the stick (almost as rough as a not too rough sandpaper...) stops the stick from moving in your hand too much, but it does move and therefore blister your hand. I had terrible problems with this but I solved it with AHEADS drummer gloves (fantastic things)

As I said in the "likes" section the construction is in three main sections, the tip, main stick, and handle. This is very cleverly designed making your hands not vibrate and not hurt as much when you make a mistake and get a huge shock up your arm (you still get that though.) The quality of the stick is phenominal, I would guesstimate them to be about 800 times better than wood things, there are so many things that are great about this stick it's untrue.

Ross Beasley rated this unit 5 on 2002-11-09.

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