AXL Jazz Guitar Reviews 5

The black Gibson style speed knobs, so I changed mine to Gibson SG Gold Speed knobs and this has made it look much better. It would be nice if there was a Bigsby style trem unit as an option, but I can always retrofit one. The hardware although gold plated is a bit budget but is upgradeable.

Construction is Maple sides,a falmed maple veneer top over a mahogany type of wood solid top and likewise for the back of the guitar, neck is a mahogany type of wood same as the soundboard, headstock is scarfed on rather than made from a single piece of wood but this does save trees so it is acceptable. It is a very nicely made and finished guitar.

It is a very nice guitar which also sounds super, you may want to upgrade the pickups and other hardware but if you are looking fora budget retro looking f - hole guitar for rockabilly or jazz, you can't really go wrong and the price is good too meaning it makes an affordable second guitar. Mine will definately be a stage guitar I am that confident in it. This guitar proves that China like Korea and Japan is an up and comingh maker able to produce a superb quality guitar at a very competitive price.

Matt Sanders rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-07.

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