Abilene AB-11 Four String Electric Bass Reviews 5

The very first electric bass that I purchased was a used Abilene AB-11 that I found in a local music store, selling for about two hundred dollars, which included a Hiwatt Bass Amplifier, since the purchase was made shortly after the Christmas buying madness. The store is About Music in downtown Libertyville, Illinois, in the northern suburbs of Chicago. I was a newer bassist then, and, not knowing much about basses, first went to the store just to see what they had in stock. Along the wall with the AB-11 were three basses by Fender and a few that I can't honestly remember. On my first trip to the store, the AB-11 was not my first choice, first of all because it was used, and second of all, the Fender basses had a well-known and trusted name behind them. However, I went home and jumped online, and found one - just one - review of the AB-11. The guy who reviewed the bass was absolutely ecstatic about the instrument, and it was something that he played the most often even when he had many other basses in his possession. With two hundred dollars out of my pocket, plus thirty for a cable and strap, the AB-11 was mine.

I absolutely love this instrument. It was my first electric bass, and it will always be my favorite. Instantly it was a favorite out of all of my instruments, gaining the pet name 'Big Joe' because the instrument was quite large - and heavy - for even a bass. The sound quality is exceptional - Big Joe was bought 'slightly loved', and I've battered him quite a lot, but the bass has stood up to the troubles with a warm, yet deep sound. This instrument is great for beginner bassists, because the sound is the one that we all search for, and yet the bass itself is rather simple to play, even based against other four-strings. The AB-11 is a great instrument, I recommend it to anyone that can get his or her hands on it!

There are only two things that I can even remotely dislike about Big Joe. First of all, although the instrument likes to stay in tune during play, when it does go out of tune, it is very difficult to tune, moreso than other basses in my possession. Secondly, Big Joe is very heavy! I'm not a very big person, nor am I very muscular, I'm just a simple young woman (with a kickass bass, I might add...) and Big Joe is very large and very heavy for me. I don't recommend this model for children because of its size and weight, but adolescants and adults should not have any problems with it. I can't play this instrument for very long without getting a little pain in my shoulder, but I absolutely love the instrument, and therefore, I don't mine a little pain at all.

The AB-11 is made out of a strong hardwood - although I'm not quite sure what that wood is. The fretboard has never worn even after constant use, and the neck is a beautiful wood. The craftsmanship is great, I recommend it to anyone that "loves" their basses a little much, and has tendencies to break them. I use this instrument the most of all of my basses, and I have had it the longest, and still it remains in the best shape of all of them. Altogether, a great piece!

I highly recommend the Abilene AB-11 for any bassist, and anyone that can get their hands on one. It's a great instrument! The sound quality is exceptional, and it is great for beginning bassists. As always, I have to remark that the instrument will hold up under even the worst conditions, so although I dislike people who do not take care of their basses, with this instrument, it won't matter! If you find an AB-11, get it! You'll never regret it. If you have any questions, please e-mail me at HeroLink27@hotmail.com.

Sarah Bradburn rated this unit 5 on 2003-10-15.

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