Alembic Epic 4 String Reviews 5

its simple i love everything about this bass an would be willing to pay the full retail value for the bass i cant beleive the tones you can get you can get so many that for the first week i had the amp set flat as i can find any tone i want just on the bass i think it looks fantastic very different although i wasnt sure untill i saw her in the flesh

thats a hard one when i got her i had some trouble with the treble knob but all it needed was tightining its fine again apparently alembics necks change with the weather a lot i have not experienced this yet and when i do the truss rods will just need a quick adjustment

what can i say this bass is perfect on the construction front this is an alembic so it is built to the highest standards it is a four string has a mahogany which helps sustain with a bubinga top laminate it has 24 frets a three peice maple neck with two walnut veneers an ebony fretboard it has two trussrods ajustable at the neck has two soapbar pickups with a two band eq (bass treble) a pickup blend and volume it does not need a three band as the bass has an amazing mid range voice and it has a moon shaped bridge and a sustain block perfect

this is the best bass that i have ever played i will never need another four string (that does not mean im not going to though) i love it and would recomend it to anyone any style it can cater for anything also i am left handed and you do not have to pay more than right hand which is good especially on priciple also the customer service at Alembic is the best they are very nice and will do anything to help a bit pricey but easily worth it

andrew rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-09.

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