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i have been a dead head for 35 yrs and have dreamed of owning an alembic. did osme research on line and visited ebay etc for weeks. Finally i calledaround the new york area as there are no alembic delaers in new york and found the orion in jersey. i had never played one before so i took the ride telling myself, this is gonna be expensive... are you sure you wanna do this. now i must preface this by stating that i have played short scale for 30 years. but to get an alembic short scale we are talking serious money folks as in $4500 min. What i really wanted cost $13,000. th eOrion is on the low end of the alembic line- now dont get pissed.. their low end is everyone elses high end. i spent three hours getting acqainted with my bass. At 34 inches its gonna take some getting used to. Finally i made the move. i now this might sound prissy, but i did not want to get a "used" alembic. so i made the plunge.. ok you wanna know the price right? ok- i got what i thought was an excellent deal- out the door for $2850.00- see below for why

1- workmanship - this is a handmade piece of furniture. cocobola body, a set neck of 5 pieces of maple with 4 walnut veneers, the balance on this bass is unreal- i put it around my neck and it sits at 9-3 oclock its not overly heavy- it rings like a bell- FOREVER they make their own pickups.i found that you dont have to hit the fret to get the note. you can easily press down between frets- not a hit of a buzz and the harmonics are dead on over the 5th and 1q2th fret- move a rat hair off and the harmmonic is gone. the neck is wider thani amused to , but i found after 3 hours i was getting comfy with it, although my forearm muscles will need some building up- NOTE- i have short stubby nubby fingers. electronics are excellent- they make their own. i added a set of elixir nanowebs when i got home as this bass was 4 years old-new and felt that it was a good idea. adjustable brass nut and end piece folks- this is the rolls royce of guitars. and to top it off- i sent an email with some questions and got a phone call back within 1 hour from their factory. this is a family owned operation

not a damned thing- its the best bass i have ever touched

34.00scale neck- 5 maple w/4 walnut veneers 5 maple w/4 walnut veneers Fingerboard ebony Nut width 1.875 24th fret width 2.930 Truss rods dual, body adjust dual Body material- mahogany0 mine is cocobola Body depth 1.750 Finish high gloss polyester Pickups MXY56 Controls vol, pan, bass, treble Tailpiece bird solid brass Machine heads Gotoh Gold Alembic 100% Made in Santa Rosa, CA USA

if you play one? you will buy it after i left the store, and trust me, i tried to talk myself out of buying it.. i was grinning like a chesire cat

flaxattack rated this unit 5 on 2004-04-30.

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