American Audio Lab AL-K7 Reviews 2

This is a tiny black disc player but can be rack mounted with the supplied brackets .I needed a unit that would play anything I threw at it and could output to a variety of screens.I am part of a live band but we often do a Karaoke slot during our half time break .

The unit was purchased via an online store.

I like its ability to play just about any format of disc and its full array of output options

It doues not work correctly ! Depressing the Karaoke button to set it to Karaoke mode ( mike inputs , etc) causes the unit to hang and display the message 'Karaoke on wait order' . The manufacturers web site sugests that this is a known fault and that an update to its software is needed. The update that was emailed to me does very little , but you can set it to Karaoke mode if you do so before a disc is inserted .

Light and cheap construction and with the known software fault this is not a good quality product

Dont buy this unit untill the software fault has been delt with .

Railnutter rated this unit 2 on 2009-12-23.

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