Ampeg VL1002A Lee Jackson Reviews 4

$99 from a classified ad

Powerful sound, very similar to JCM 800 when preamp and gain is low, great clean to light distortion sound. Very AC/DC sounding. I do not use it using lots of gain anyhow, very cool look. The lock is nice to have too

The distortion is muddy, power attenuator thing is pretty much useless making it even muddier, the EQ is very touchy, with the mid actually changing volume, but if you know how to tweak it, and are looking for a specific sound than it is great.

Has fried on me 2 times early on in my ownership, rewired and it is fine, basically it had loose connections. pretty tough though withstood our bass player knocking it over at a show and it kept going!

My main amp, I choose this over my JCM 900 100 watt 5881. Which is good but, I just like the tone better. I also noticed that after I rewired my cab to 8 ohm, the output of this head nearly tripled, so if you have volume problems with this head, try rewiring you cabinet

tim rated this unit 4 on 2003-12-15.

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