Ampeg VL1002A Lee Jackson Head Reviews 3

Bought it off of a friend for $250. He paid $800

You could lock the amp so when Mr I think I'm Jimi Hendrix on guitar so I help myself to any available guitar and amp in sight shows up he can't bore you with his rusty rendition of Free Bird. The reverb was nice, not pingy like most spring reverbs.

Not loud. Unlike other all tube 100 watt heads this amp is very quiet. I guess Lee Jackson liked it soft or something. Overdriving the amp resulted in a mellow overdrive that doesn't really grab you. The EQ works against the sound when used and the mid frequency selector is nearly useless. Power attenuator made the amp even more quiet than normal. (Sheesh!)

The amp was built solid enough, The ampeg logo on the front used to light up, but failed about 6 months into the life of the amp.

I can't slam this amp too much because I've heard tube amps that sound 20 times worse that this one. The biggest problem I had with this amp is that in all areas it was merely average. Nothing about the amp made me feel like being proud to own it, keeping it, ever buying another one again. It's really mediocre.

Charlie Dango rated this unit 3 on 2003-09-16.

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