Antonio Aparicio AA20 Reviews 5

I purchased the guitar for $399 at Luthiers Music in New York City as a second guitar for traveling. I've seen it on the Web for $649.

It has a rich and clear sound, as much as guitars costing twice as much. They also threw in a soft backpack-style case and humidifier for free. Aparicio is the company that manufactures guitars for Ramirez that are under $4000, or so the vendor told me. I do know in fact that there is a relationship between the two companies. The AA20 invites you to play it. Great action. For another $100 I could have bought the AA30 but the sound improvement was too subtle to justify the price difference. There was, however, a big difference between the AA10 and AA20 for the $50 premium.


The guitar has mahagony sides and a cedar top. The AA30 had rosewood sides.

Bottom line: A great guitar at any price and quite a bargain for what I paid.

Richard in New York rated this unit 5 on 2005-05-21.

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