Aramat Effects Green Machine Overdrive Reviews 5

I bought this pedal directly from Aramat Effects via e-mail ( They were very helpful and curteous when answering my questions. I bought it for $159 and they shipped it for free!! I was looking for a great sding overdrive pedal that complemented my tube amp.

I love the sound of this pedal. It has more personality than the Fulltone Fulldrive 2 and the Ibanez Tubescreamers. I love that it is true bypass and doesn't suck the tone out of my guitar. It is very transparent but adds a certain vibrancy to my signal. I'd swear that there was a tube in this pedal!!

this pedal is extremely solid!! It is built like a tank and will last longer than I will!

I would recommend this pedal to anyone serious about their guitar's tone. It is much better than the drive channel on my marshall and boogie. If anything happened to this pedal I would replace it. It's a steal at $160!

joe k. rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-17.

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