Aramat Effects Soul Patch Fuzz Reviews 5

This is my second purchase directly from Aramat Effects (Keith V.). I loved the Geen Machine so I had to try this fuzz. It cost $139 w/ free shipping. not a bad list price at all compared to other boutiquers.

This is possibly the sweetest sounding Fuzz-type pedal out there!! It makes my PRS really sing. the sustain you get with this pedal is stellar. You can play a note, go out for a bite to eat, and when you come back it is still going. It sounds similar to the early Jimmy Page guitar tone. I love how vocal and versitile this pedal is. It is the only fuzz that I've played that can actually sound like a fat tube amp breaking up at low fuzz setting. it really excels when the fuzz is at about 75%. very vintage and tubey sounding fuzz, exactly what I wanted.

It could have more fuzz, but the Soul Patch Fuzz pedal certainly serves it's purpose. Perhaps I'll try out their Mojo Fuzz. They said it has more of a superfuzz type of a fuzz range.


I love this pedal. If anyone wants a boring, cookie cutter guitar tone, go get a Fulltone, Voodoo Lab, or Boss. If you want a truly unique fuzz pedal that lets your guitar tone and playing style come out, buy the Soul Patch Fuzz. I wouldn't gig without it. They are cool people to deal with as well.

joe k. rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-19.

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