Arbor AJ135 Semi Hollow Reviews 5

Acquired online for just about $200.00 with tax.

I love the sound of this. It has such a beautiful warm and clear sound and just the right amount of punch. It's not at all muddy. It has the best of the acoustic qualities yet it transforms into a monster if you add a little distortion/ gain. It also stays in tune forever and the action is very low and buzz free. Plays almost effortless with 10's. The pickups are dead silent. No noise or microphonics at all at any volume. I am very impressed by that alone. Unbelievable for the price. You will also notice a larger than normal bridge and saddle unit. Much wider and more stable feeling than most the other Korean or Chinese imports I've seen. Very surprised by that.

The three way switch is a little suspect but hasn't caused any problem It just feels a little sloppy.

The finish is just incredible. They did an excellent job on every aspect of this one. The paint, the clear coat, the fit and angle of the neck and the condition of the frets are just right. It is the only guitar I can remember having that needed no major adjustments from the factory to be playable. Very high quality. I don't know how they do it but it is very, very well done.

I have played a lot of low priced guitars and continue to do so whenever I see new or unfamiliar brands in the local retail outlets. I travel a lot so I get to go to a lot of music stores across the country. I can't remember a better sounding, better value guitar in a long time. It's always exciting to find the unknown brands that have a great model or two as yet unknown to the public. I believe this is one of them and I'm still very happy to have found it. I look forward to a long life together. It's just plain fun to play!

Anthony Demarco rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-31.

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