Arbor Jackson V Copy Reviews 3

i picked this baby up from a freind many yrs ago for 50.00 all parts were there but it was a mess. it was black/red tiger striped weird floating tremelo system and 2 humbuckers. i refinished it. blaze now has bc rich pickups and older kahler pro flyer tremelo. all black hardware you couldnt miss this guitar if you were blind.

the action is what i liked the most. i have short stubby fingers and all you guitar players out there know that means very strenuous guitar playing but the neck and action are so comfortable it really eased my playing. the weight is also a factor it is nice and light and well balanced.

awkward to play sitting.other than that no complaints.

i believe its plywood of some type[body]neck im not sure of.but it was built pretty good.

great guitar, i enjoy beating on it.and slayer being my favorite listening and playing music it takes quite the beating. all in all though much of it isnt original ( i do still have all the original parts)it is one of my favorite guitars i even play it more than my gibson v.

chucky the slayer rated this unit 3 on 2004-04-24.

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