Aria AMB35 SPL Reviews 4

I love the finish on this guitar, and especially in the cherry sunburst that I got it in. The frets are very nice, with diamond inlays. The wood used for the fretboard and the neck are gorgeous, and it's a very light guitar. It has a built in tuner in the pre-amp which I find incredibly handy, espeically since my electronic tuner broke. The plastic back is both cheap and expensive looking, which makes me unsure about it. The overall shape and look of it is beautiful. It sounds very bassy when unplugged, which is good, it gives it a much meatier, fuller sound than some newer slim-line acoustics.

The fret wires are a bit high for my liking, and the plastic back can look a bit cheap. It depends what mood I'm in :-)

It feels quite well built, yet very easily breakable. While playing it feels like a dream guitar, but when just being carried, it feels like it could break if a pin was dropped on it. Which isn't good. But overall, a very nice guitar.

A great guitar, who knew Aria could make such a good guitar. I've not had any problems with it so far, (touch wood) but I've only had it almost 4 months.

Nick Pike rated this unit 4 on 2003-06-22.

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