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I went to a local music store (Moore's Music Emporium) and was looking for an electric/acoustic guitar. I looked at both a Dean for $300 and the Aria for $200. the Aria sounded better both plugged and unplugged, so i went with the Aria. I also loved the green paint job, and after some wheelin'-and-dealin', i got them down on the price. I managed to get the guitar, a molded hardshell dreadnaught case, and a cable for about $250.

I like the playability, the EQ is very responsive, and very easy to change the 9V battery in. Also the guitar sounds very full when not plugged in, which is rare in a low priced eletric/acoustic. The spruce top and mahogany sides and back give it a vert nice tone. Sealed tuners, and rosewood fretboard are also great. The guitar stays in tune wonderfully.

Slighty fret buzz on the low E when i first got it, but a little turn of the truss rod, and it was gone.

Spruce top, Mahogany sides, back and neck. Inlaid frett markers, Rosewood fret board. Active pre-amp EQ with presence, treb, mid 1, mid 1 and bass, and of course volume control. Very responsive and great for "dialing" in the perfect sound.

Great guitar, recommend it to anyone looking for a low priced, great sounding acoustic/electric guitar. check out

Cheeto rated this unit 5 on 2003-03-20.

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