Aria WGAGP-2R Reviews 5

I originally play bass, but I wanted an acoustic guitar. I just love the mellow sound that you can't get with an electric guitar. The problem was, I was low on cash. I was browsing on ebay and looking in the newspaper for one every day, until I saw this item on ebay for $99.00 and not a penny more!

What I like about this acoustic guitar is the shiny red sunburst finish. I also love the playability the frets aren't "Sticky" like on many other acoustics i've played. The tone is awesome! And the size is just right. I also like the price!


The unit is a dreadnought acoustic guitar, just a basic construction. The quality is great also, I can compare this acoustic with many high priced fender acoutics.

If you are thinking about buying this guitar, stop thinking and buy it! Especially if you are low on cash. Also, if you own or will own this unit, I would recommend Ernie Ball Extra Light strings for the brigtest sound.

Steve H. rated this unit 5 on 2004-08-19.

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