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This is my first bass since I am a beginner, I got it from my friend who is a professional bass player and used to play this bass but bought a new one and gave me his old one, the Aria Pro II FB series. It was made in 90-91 and was in a very bad condition, so I made a setup and few fixing and now she looks new. You can't find FB series on market today but when it was new I believe it cost about 250 USD.

This guitar has a Humbucker in front and a single coil on the bridge. This gives a punchy sound when plucked on the rear and a soft, mild sound when plucked near the neck. It is a small guitar and therefor is easy to handle. It's not a beginners guitar and is more close to be a regular guitar, I guess it's something in the middle, but definetly worth it's price.

This guitar is a bit of low quality, and is not equipped with a pickguard and other fancy things but still looks good, it's totally black, even the neck.

It's a vintage bass, looks a lot like the Fender P-Bass, and has a cool sharpened head like the Jackson guitars.

For Beginners it's an excellent guitar, gives a good punchy sound, ideal for Funk, Punk and Rock.

B. Russu rated this unit 4 on 2002-02-04.

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