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I have played blues and funk blues , jazz and funk jazz for 15 years in semi-pro and pro bands.

Picked it up second hand in a Music store in Melbourne for $450. I fell in love with it as soon as I played it.

Very cheap, fantastic tone, incredible playability, good looks. I don't know why people aren't hunting these things down, they are solid gold, they feel great. I would have gladly payed twice what I did.

Machine heads are partly worn out. Scratches fairly easily. if I wanted to make it super perfect , i would replace the machine heads and the pick-ups.

The Ashton AB1100 is a neckthrough 4 string bass. It plays like a dream. Everything is put together beautifully, the timbers used produce great tone and feel. The action and intonation are perfect.

I know Ashton isn't a 'name' brand but this instrument is insanely cool.Whether slapping or fingerstyle, the AB1100 has wicked tone. Punchy growling sexy tone, and ultimate playability! I recommend this excellent bass to anyone loooking for a reliable and versatile neck-through bass , at a fraction of the price of other brands but with similar or even better quality.

PhunkBass rated this unit 5 on 2007-06-17.

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