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I Purchased my Ashton bass at East Gosford Music On the N.S.W Central Coast, Probably the best shop for guitars on the Coast. When I purchased the bass I traded in Another bass, as I was upgrading to 5 string. the cost to me was about $350 and the total cost of the Bass was about $700. I bought this Guitar Because it was simalr to my old one and I just wanted another string.

The Ashton basses all have a very nice polished woodgrain surface. The use of the striped wood turns this cheap bass into one that has far more expensive looks and is relatively inexpensive. As for the sound of the bass, it has active elecronics, bass , treble,volume and pick up selector. It is veru easy to variate the sound of this bass from a deep rumble that you can only feel up your spine to the thick midrange crunch taht will cut through and let your bass playing be heard.

What I dont like about the unit is that when you first play this bass it looks and feels wonderfull but its just that the quality of the small parts is not very good.

This will be the last Ashton bass that Im am Going to buy! Why : because the workmanship that was put into my bass was Crap. I had to replace all wiring as the solder joints starting breaking apart. this was inside the first 6 Months, and from the on abot every month a new machine head would snap until finally I had to replace all 5.

Bottom Line: Sound and overall Playability of the Ashton Bass is very good. It is comfortable to play, gets good tones, is neck through and very easy to play because of its thin design. BUT if i had my money in the bank again I would probably leave there a bit longer and spend more money a bass that probably just as good but its going to last a lot longer. I GUESS YOU GET FOR WHAT PAY FOR

J C Ashurst rated this unit 3 on 2003-11-21.

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