Ashton AB2 Bass Guitar Reviews 5

I aquired this instrument at Musos corner, newcastle, australia for $270 australian. i wanted this bass as a good starter bass with some features.

The good bits about this bass is that its a punchy tone with a ashton custom precision pickup, two control knobs - volume and tone. The neck is thin and the nut distance is short, perfect for my hands. Its also nice and light - perfect for jamming or gigging and the action is perfect, low and fast. The maple neck is smooth and the rosewood fretboard is nice.

Not much about this bass is bad. The only problem was probably the horrible factory strings, which i changed straight away. But when you do that, its a marvel to play.

This bass is very tough and very well constructed. It was also designed in Australia.

A very good starter bass or a spare bass for a great price. Go get one if you can!

Acidburn rated this unit 5 on 2003-07-15.

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