Ashton ACB 100CEQ Reviews 4

I ordered this bass guitar over the internet from in Australia (great service!). It cost me AU$399. I surfed the net to weigh up a few options, taking into consideration the fact that I was new to the whole bass guitar game. I settled on the Ashton because of its good looks, decent reviews of Ashton products in general, and it's value for money.

It looks great! However if you are (like I did) considering getting the black colour, think carefully again. Whilst being aesthetically pleasing, it's also high maintenence. It sounds good! For what you pay for (AU$399). The pickup is pretty decent. BUT...

The strings!!! Within the first few notes that I played, it was evident that something was wrong (on top of my sub-par skills). The strings sounded awful and felt bad. Within 3 days of intense playing, the E string was totalled, I mean absolutely dead. I had it replaced with a set of D'Addario strings (45-105). Now it works like a charm and sounds great, with good looks to boot!

Rem-Dog rated this unit 4 on 2004-04-24.

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