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My beginnings go way back to the seventies. I picked up on rock early on, and still hammer the metal and rock tunes semi-fanatically.

I got this guitar while in a great triple-axe band full of three-part harmonies and abstract tunes. I was given this guitar in trade for an Ibanez Roadstar Blazer that I didn't particularly like at that time. The Austin Hatchet was match to the other guitarist's brother, and so began our set design ... ooohhh, matching guitars, only different colors. The thing was selling for $395.00 and we walked out with it for a straight trade for the Ibanez.

Very solid, strong sustain and easy on the eyes. This was my main axe for most styles of music we played. I liked that the neck practically went to the bottom of the pickups (at least in reach). Oh, and the "Power-Sound" pickups with the pre-amp made the thing just scream without ear-numbing feedback. The guitar had so much on-demand gain that my Peavey Bandit and a Boss OD pedal sounded like a Marshall pushin' a freight train down the tracks and off the cliff.

Though solid, the balance was crude. I fixed this with a drill and a sledge-hammer ... well actually a screw and a washer big enough to hold the strap in place. After moving the pivot point of the strap, the "V" was very comfortable.

Heavy multiply wood (seven layers?); Mahogony fret board; medium jumbo frets; gold hardware; fixed bridge; two humbucking pickups; pre-amp; smooth tone and volume controls; clear Les Paul speed knobs; metallic blue finish with a rock hard clear-coat.

Excellent, reliable and fairly inexpensive. Still have it, still play it, and still like it. (note: due to my concern for my health and image, the thing never leaves the house)

JD of Seattle rated this unit 5 on 2006-03-23.

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