Austin AU766 Vintage Rock LP Reviews 5

VERY solid construction, my guitar doesn't go out of tune that often. Though there are some minor aesthetic 'flaws', the unit on the whole is quite well constructed in my opinion, and very durable. The sound quality is excellent for an instrument in this price range, and if you're not satisfied, you can always change the pickups. It should be noted that the Austin line is distributed through the same company that handles the world famous Alvarez and Alvarez Yairi hand-made Guitars. It should also be noted that these units are a product of Indonesia.

Overall, this is an outstanding instrument in my opinion. The Austin AU766 Vintage Rock LP captures the essence of the Les Paul in a tight, good looking affordable package that makes for a great guitar. the quality is good, and this instrument stands up to the competition. Not quite a Gibson, but a great affordable alternative that deserves to stand on it's own. Plus, it could smoke that $789.00 Epiphone ay day.

Scott Rinehart rated this unit 5 on 2004-08-21.

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