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i heard about these pedals because alot of the bands i listen to use them, and my previous drummer had iron cobras so i wanted something different, just because i could and because im a more of a double kick guy than he is. and i've heard that these pedals are excelent for "drilling" on kick drums. so i went into my local guitar center ( like so many hundreds of thousands of people do) and the drum salesmen didn't really have much knowledge of them because nobody really knows about them because they arn't that popular compaired to the iron cobras or dw's or pearls pedals, and he showed me the up sides to the new dw 9000's and i was very impressed by them but i decided to get the longboards because i've just been wanting them alot longer and the whole sonic hammer thing sounded like it would fit me real well . I ordered them along with some Gibraltar practice pads the pedals alone were 175 a piece. And on top of the discount they ended up being special order direct from Axis.

everything ... they are very solid and they are indeed excelent for drilling... i can't speak for how well other pedals are because i've never sat down with any of them minus the double kick set iron corbras from my previous band. but i feel these are going to be excelent for me. and theres not 9 million different parts to set and move around either ...

the one thing im probably going to change is the beaters themselves im to much of an impatient guy to sit and set the beaters ... which themselves have 3 different ways to set and i would prefer if the wing nut on the top part was a drum key screw it would be easier on my fingers to tighten... and another thing for some reason when im tightening the beater to where i want it the screw moves the beater so i really have to hold it down when its getting tighter because what good is a beater if its loose you know. but other than that the pedal is flawless for drummers like me

i agree with the other post about the look of them but not to the point of how pretty they are or anything. although i dont know why they can't reverse the mold or however they shape the footboards make them right and left specific ... idk thats really trivial just a thought

very solid pedal for drummers who are primarily constant double kick. i wouldn't buy them if i just wanted some pedals though

IbanezAbuser rated this unit 4 on 2005-07-01.

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