Axis A-L2 Longboard Double Pedal Reviews 5

I play heavy metal drums. I've been playing for about 5 years, and I've gotten fairly good at it.

I bought it from for $500, because I was looking for a better pedal than the one I was using. $500 is a lot to pay for a pedal, but it was worth it.

The pedals are lightning fast, and they feel really great to play on. Also, they have really heavy duty springs, which helps a lot to pull the beater off the head and allows for a quicker stroke. In addition, it's one of the only double pedals I've played where the slave pedal feels like the main pedal.

The only problem I've had is with the felts on the sonic hammer beaters coming off. Also, the spring adjustment on the pedals isn't very friendly to fingers (the nuts are kind of sharp on the corners), but that's not really a big deal.

Aircraft grade aluminum. Solid link drive. Infinitely adjustable. I'd say it's one of the best crafted pedals on the market.

Anyone who plays double bass should check out this pedal.

Wes rated this unit 5 on 2006-09-16.

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