Axis Longboard A double pedals Reviews 5 price: around US450

SUPER smooth, very fast, EXTREMELY adjustable. And overal VERY high quality construction and design with eprfect workmanship.

Takes a while to find the right feel because it is so adjustable :)

VEry well machined aluminum with some brass and iron components. feels solid as a rock with super smooth action. There are ball bearings at EVERY joint and no chain wiggle because there is no chain!! The slave pedal feels just like the main pedal.

The pedals are the most expensive you can get appart from the Iron Cobra 2's I think. But they are worth every penny if you want to be able to learn/play super fast double base on a smooth sturdy platform. I have had one small issue with the sonic hammer beaters and the Axis folks shipped me a replacement no questions asked. Great great pedals!!

feets rated this unit 5 on 2001-12-04.

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