Axis X Long Board Reviews 5

E bay store purchase $150.00

Pedal has a light feel. Pedal hits like a "ton of bricks". Very smooth effortless action. Precise feel. Simple effective design serviceable with simple tools by user. Overall weight is low making cartage a breeze.

Unit has some moderately hard unrounded edges that will get your attention if you play bare foot as I do. Foot board shape has an cut-away in the area of the "top of the toe's" section of foot, would like to see this area filled in creating a wider foot print. Wing nut on spring adjustment assembly a little small and so hard on fingers when applying tight tension to spring. No cartage bags offerd for any Axis units at this time.

Construction quality is Excellent.

Axis pedals are beyond compare. Simple yet efficent design makes playing one a new experience. The X models are without the drive linkage height adjustment found on the A model Axis pedals. I've found the absense of this adjustment not to be a hinderance. These pedals are well made, simple and very strong. They make otherwise hard to do foot patterns more of a reality as you happily find yourself doing things you were previously unable to do with your foot. Axis has also proven to have a very friendly and helpfull support team with a toll free # Axis pedals are the pinnacle of current drum pedal designs, buy nything less and you will have something to upgrade too, an Axis.

Les Ismore rated this unit 5 on 2005-05-05.

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