Barracuda Les Paul Style Reviews 2

I purchased this guitar at a local guitar shop for about 350

What I like about the unit. Well as one reviewer said it is a nice looking guitar. Mine is all black.

I use earniball .010 gauge strings and they rattle off of the lower frets. Don't go anywhere close to any sort of electronics with this guitar or you will get feed back from it unless you touch a peice of metal on the guitar, so it is grounded very bad. Plus the other day I had to open it up and repair the ground on the guitar as it stoped working after 3 months of use.

Construction appears to be bad as well. The neck is warped and I only owned it for 3 months.

Do not buy this guitar. Shop around spend more that 500 dollars and get something with some good electronics inside. The only thing this guitar is good for is the looks...

Medium Mike rated this unit 1 on 2004-08-13.

i bought this in a guitar shop near where i live for about $300 canadian.

really the only thing that i liked about this guitar is the looks. It looks really great. When i bought it i thought it would sound as great as it looks. Boy was i wrong.

this guitar sounded terrible and another thing all the strings rattled aginst the frets so it made it sound all the worse.

if you are a beginer and you are looking for an electric this guitar could be a option. but if you know the difference bettween a good and bad guitar i strongly recomend you look for a better guitar.

MIKOLAJ rated this unit 2 on 2004-08-11.

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