Behringer Eurorack MX602X Reviews 4

Purchased online from Musician's Friend in June 2000 for $80.

I use this unit as an input mixer into my computer soundcard for recording.This is a very compact unit with 2 mic channels 2 mono/stereo channels. RCA-jacks for tape in/out. Single effects send/rtn. 3 EQ controls gain and pan on each channel. Ultra low noise circuitry does not intrude on the signal. It goes clean into the computer. It sits on my desk beside the the speakers. I can mic my voice and acoustic guitar or two voices. I have a channel set for my Strat and another for my bass. This is a convenient easy way to plug in without crawling under the desk. The separate level and EQs give easy control BEFORE you record reducing post-production tasks.

There is no power switch - I switch power through my computer power distribution.

The fit and finish is beautiful - very German design and construction. The controls are small but logically placed and very accessible. The power supply is not a wall wart very thoughtful touch. The sale price was excellent. Much less than the competition.

A small price to pay for a great recording or small group live mixer.

Steve Barrett rated this unit 4 on 2001-06-27.

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