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Bill Lawrence USA SwampKaster S (strat style)gloss black, 3 Black Label single coil pickups. I've been playing guitar since 1964. Great blues guitar.

I bought it new at a little music store in Southern Illinois for $400

It has a beautiful rock-maple neck. The sound is 100% vintage strat. It's a workhorse, stays in tune.

Lot of treble

some of the construction is weak. Sloppy solder, neck fit, switch is noisy.

I am very familiar with the Bill Lawrence controversy. I have pickups from the "original" Bill, they are GREAT!Bill is a true pioneer. Bill Lawrence USA is a different person. The SwampKaster S is a fantastic guitar with miles of tone, a great bargain.It's advertised as USA swamp ash body, USA pickups, final set-up in USA. I would recomend this guitar, check it out before you buy.

Marshall rated this unit 4 on 2009-07-15.

I bought this from the Recycler for $450.00. I saw a real hot guitarist at a local jam session play one and went on a hunt for my own because, I was very impressed with its sound and looks.

This is "sweet"! Natural high-gloss finish with a swamp ash body. One of the most impressive finishes I have ever seen. Mine has a maple on maple neck with a 12" radius. This is a Strat style guitar. The pickups are the original Bill Lawrence Black Label and really have that true vintage sound and that Straty quack in position 2 and 4. The pickups have much less noise than Fender Strat pickups and capture the nuances of your playing style. I am not sure, but I think the SwampKasters come standard with the tortie pickguard which is normally extra with other brands. The neck is true from top to bottom and has great action. I can really smoke on this guitar and it always gets looks from other guitarists.

No dislikes, but I will change out the bridge for a Wilkinson because it is the best non-locking bridge around.

It is a solid built guitar with a bolt-on neck. I have examined it closely for flaws but can't find any.

If you want to look good and sound hot, this is a great guitar and it should be selling for the price of an American Strat or more!

Hrblues rated this unit 5 on 2003-03-05.

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