Blue Tone Pro 30M Reviews 5

It's the genuine article. A fantastic sound in a small box, great for most situations. It's a better sound than my old Boogie for sure. Yet it's solid state. This must be a big break through in amp manufacturing because I don't see how anyone could object to this amp. If the company decides to muscle in on the bigger amps, with 100w heads and cabs and whatever, then I would think most pro players will be using these in the not too distant future on the big stage. Reliable with a great sound, no bloody valves to worry about. Perfect.

The badge doesn't bother me, unlike other reviewers. It grows on you, and it's daft. reminds me of an old Rizla packet logo which brings back hazy memories. No reverb doesn't bother me either as I dont use it. Perhaps too much blue but then it is called a Blue Tone so it makes sense? A more retro styling might entice a few more players but I think I'm splitting hairs here to find something critical to say about what is a cracking amp.

Solid construction, high quality build made entirely in the UK. I really like the flashing leds on the front of the amp which are there for a purpose. It appears to be very well made and is fitted with a Vintage 30 Celestion speaker.

I read Pete Townshend's comments and he seems to imply that you need a good guitar to get the best out of this amp. I dont know about that because I only own good guitars. I play a strat and a Les Paul and both sound great through this amp with no effects at all. Maybe if you put a crap guitar through it it will sound crap but wouldn't that be true of any amp? This is the genuine thing and I can't speak highly enough. Try it cos Im sure youll love it if you truly do love a great sound.

Jim Riley rated this unit 5 on 2004-08-13.

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