Blue Tone Pro 30M 1 x 12 Combo Solid State Reviews 4

It's compact, way more manageable than my AC30. Not as loud, of course, but then I don't play places where I need to blow my own head off any more. It simulates a Marshall, so the blurb on the web site says, but I can hear a unique tone in it, and it gets quite Fendery sometimes, and other times I can hear my Vox! It's a gorgeous tone, and definitely valve like. You really wouldn't know the difference, it's the first solid state 'boutique' amp I've come across, but it's less than half the price of a comparative valve amp. I'm not one for multi channel switching amps, and I don't use effects. If you want an amp with all the gimmicks on it (that you never use anyway 'cos you only want 'that' sound, then avoid this amp! I hope I don't upset too many people here, but it's for the players who can play the guitar, and not the effects pedals or in-built gizmos you find on digitals these days.

The badge! Oh,dear! Maybe could do with reverb, even though I don't use it myself it will put others off. It could also do with an insert point too, but then as I'm predominantly a small club player these days that doesn't matter to me either (it's great for home recording when you can get a big Marshall stack sound at low volume, unlike those crappy digital things).

Very good. Very well made British amp, as you would expect. A Vintage 30 Celestion speaker, very solid construction. It comes with a foot switch for extra gain for soloing.

I would definitely recommend this amp to anyone looking for that classic vintage rock sound. Die-hard valve fans should really give this amp a go. You can get early Clapton, Townshend, AC/DC, Zepp/Purple and Free all out of one amp, with no effects, just you and your guitar. And that, folks, it how it should be! Oh, yes, and a good dose of The Darkness, too, if you must.

Andy Grieg rated this unit 4 on 2004-04-19.

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